Dear Moms

You come in all shapes and sizes
You are dog moms
You are single moms
You are moms to other people’s kids
You are heartbroken over the babies you have lost
You’ve got babies in heaven and still you carry so much
You have the whole world on your shoulders
You carry everyone and have the whole weight of the family on your shoulders
You carry a load that no one can see, but impacts everyone
Your touch, your acceptance, kindness and support impacts one way or another
If you ever feel lost, look at your children and your husband/partner

We see you
We notice you
We love you
Thank you for being in it
For showing the world, one child, one fur baby and one angel in heaven
That motherly love does exist

A mom fills a hole that no one can take
It fills a gap that only she knows how to
If a mother’s love can have such an impact, make such a difference
Then the world is already a better place with her in it

There is nothing like a mother’s love and a mother’s strength
Nothing like a mother’s hugs and love for the people she loves most
And holds dear to her heart

May we know them
May we be them and may we inspire them
They have the whole world in their hands and on their shoulders
They carry a weight no one sees
But that everyone recognise

While flowers have the sun
Children have their mothers

Written by Kristie Townsend

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