Honey Glazed Bacon Biltong

Before we left South Africa to immigrate to New Zealand, honey glazed bacon biltong I just began to taste. It was so delicious and arriving here more than 4 years ago, have not left my memory.

In fact it’s as if the smell and taste in my memory. Thankz to my very good friend who mentioned this to me, I wouldn’t even have known it if it wasn’t for her. She uses the Freddy Hirsch Honey & Pineapple Glaze too. She used over bacon for a barbecue or “braai” like we call it in afrikaans.

It was yum and that’s how I learned to make the honey glazed bacon biltong, well what steps to follow at least.

So you will need:

1kg Streaky Bacon. The bacon strips should be cut up into halves. Set aside.

In a mixing bowl/jar. Add in 250ml of Freddy Hirsch honey glaze spice. Mix it with 500ml – 600ml boiling water, until the glaze have dissolved. Place in the fridge to cooldown.

Place the streaky bacon into a tupperware container and layer and then pour some glaze over till all the layers are covered. Leave overnight in the fridge.

Pat the bacon strips with paper towels till dry and hang in the biltong maker/dryer. Leave for 2 – 3 days till dried out. Remove from the biltong maker/dryer and place into ziplock bags. Place into the freezer and take out as needed.


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