Anniversary 💐 Dinner Celebrations 🥂

We sat at table 65. The beginning of the evening I didn’t even notice it, until later. We sat in a booth and had the best spot by the bar and close to the kitchen. They only had 2 tables available when we got there. They got really busy and the town was buzzing with people dining out. Very family friendly. Kind and friendly staff. We had so much fun. The night flew by and we were lekker tired and tummies full. The girls passed out, even though they snack on everything and downed their juice in one sitting 😂.

Our girls love going out to restuarants with mommy and daddy being foodies 🍝🍜🥟.

The Best Place in Town. Great Family Restaurant and most fun filled, delicious, mouth watering food! They will definitely see us again 😋

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