Chocolate Mousse Tiramisu

Chocolate Mousse is Simply my Favourite Dessert.

Combine that with Tiramisu and you have dessert heaven.

The Recipe will be up shortly on my blog, it needs to be set overnight in tbe fridge so that it can set.

The Perfect Dessert for Oxtail Potjie or any dish.

I thought of combining the two and it was delicious. I used cognac and it just took it to another level. I used a recipe online for the tiramisu and just doubled the recipe.

I used my chocolate mousse recipe already on here and just layered it in between.

It was so yum that within two days it was finished. Even our toddler couldn’t stop eating it, she says it is her favourite dessert.

For the Tiramisu:

For the Chocolate Mousse:

Some Photos of this Amazing and tasty dessert, trifle/Tiramisu layered dessert.

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