Flu Season & Parenting

We have avoided totally skipped Covid19 which I am truly grateful for. After New Zealand began opening up, all the bugs that were there in lockdown, magnified and got more when we don’t have any lockdowns.

The winter bug this year is viscous, the bugs going around at kindy’s is no exception. It’s hard to work, do the house work and look after a household of kiddies and hubby included.

We have spent almost $200 plus more on medicine when in the end all the natural stuff seems to do the trick. I understand and empathise with parents having to take off work and then the parents getting sick too.

It’s no fun and games or a walk in the park. It makes this winter even more unbearable and trying to stay positive if you keep on catching all the bugs.

I had the flu this winter flu, our whole household end up getting it and we were down for 2 weeks. Then I got the rhinovirus sinus flu, that was horrible. I’m so grateful for steroids and antibiotics.

Then my luck was far from over from being save and out of the woods. I now have laryngitis which makes talking to two active kids very hard and difficult and super frustrating. I need to try to rest my voice but it’s just impossible.

Soon I won’t be able to talk, at least I can type. I will be so glad when all these bugs will calm down and we can all catch a break from all of it.

Our whole family was last this sick a year ago in summer with the summer flu. But this bugs this year definitely takes the cake. In all honesty if we weren’t in lockdowns and our immune system weren’t that off, we won’t have it this worse. I’m grateful to be alive and well. All I’m asking for is to get better from this bug and get my voice back.

My husband have been making me hot toddies the old fashioned way like our parents would, and that seems to be working. Manuka honey for our kids and natural cough medicine is the only thing that seems to be working with lots of fluids and rest, when they aren’t feeling well.

I’m no expert or a doctor I’m just sharing what works for us. Sending you all big hugs and support. If you got any tips please share, would love to hear yours.

Hopefully all this nasty bugs can pass, the winter too and we can soak up the sun, the sand and the beach, when summer is here.

Stay safe, spread kindness and look after yourself and your family.

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