Pumpkin Churro’s

We all love churro’s right, well I would guess most of us, I know I do. I thought of revamping, redesign pumpkin fritters and turning it into churro’s. My husband couldn’t stopped eating them. It’s super crispy and soft and sweet on the inside.

Both our kids couldn’t wait for it, and ate up all theirs, in like 5 minutes. It’s also a way to get your kids to eat more veggies. I think this is a great idea to incorporate veggies into your kids eating plan.

You can use your own pumpkin/butternut fritters recipe and just place it into a piping bag when it’s cooled down. Pipe into oil in your deep fryer or on the pan in some oil until golden brown on both sides. Cover in sugar and cinnamon and serve and enjoy!

Here is my pumpkin fritter recipe which you can use:

Here is my butternut fritters recipe which you also can use if you don’t eat pumpkin:

Here is the photos of the pumpkin churro’s :

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