Covid19 & The Aftermath

If you haven’t heard from me in a while, it’s because me and my whole family have been struck down by Covid19. How we got it, I don’t know, we all had fevers of 39 degrees celsius and over. The body aches to the most unexplainable headache soon catched up with us. For 3 days me and my husband was feeling awful. Soon after our kids followed with fevers and achy muscles.

The only thing that broke our fevers was hot toddy. The old recipe which uses lemon, honey (manuka) I would highly recommend if you can get your hands on some. Mixed with a tot of whiskey/rum and some panadols and a dash of boiling water. It made me feel so much better and like a human again.

Each morning and night mostly I drink manuka honey with some lemon juice and give it to our kids to help to boost their immune too. I can’t comment enough on the great uses of manuka honey and all it’s medicinal properties. I have always read about how great manuka honey is. Now it’s a daily in our household.

The aftermath of covid19 is that my sinuses are still busy draining and getting cleared. I’m also drinking berocca in the morning with another Immunity effesierent tablet. I eat and sleep well.

The worst part for us was the fever, we were so struck down and felt like zombies most of the time. I’m grateful for being better, testing negative and being able to do things again. The cabin fever really got to us, now we are free once more.

This is the manuka honey we use daily for all of us and I believe in natural remedies to cure fevers and to boost the immunity!

You will hear from me hopefully more now, since I feel like a human again. Be kind as you never know what someone else is going through.

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