The No Fuss – 3 Ingredient (Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free & Keto Friendly) Chocolate Mousse

I accidentally made this mousse while playing around with coconut cream. It came out perfect and surprisingly creamy. It was sooo good our toddler finished it all.

Surprisingly our kids love dairy free too on occasion and our almost 3 year old will drink almond milk with me. She loves almond milk.

Best of all its Gluten Free, Keto friendly as it doesn’t have any sugar and Egg and Dairy Free! It’s a win-win and you can make it with dairy cream and dairy chocolate if you prefer. A brilliant, simple and easy recipe anyone can make themselves if I say so myself.

All you need is:

1/2 Can of Coconut Cream cooled down in the fridge. Mix in the dairy free dark melted chocolate it can be dairy free or normal dark melted chocolate. You want to use about 70% of dark cocoa. You will need about 50g of dark melted dairy free or normal chocolate.

It doesn’t have to be cooled down. Just add it straight into the cold coconut cream, if it splits don’t worry, add in about a tableapoon or two of boiled water and mix it all up in your nutri bullet or juicer.

Place into a glass bowl and place into the fridge to set overnight. Enjoy with dairy free whipping cream or dairy free dark chocolate sauce and some cherries.


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