Dairy Free Melkkos – Cocoa Powder is Optional to give it a Chocolate Taste

I decided to change the milk of the melkkos to dairy free, almond milk or any other milk you prefer. Our toddler actually enjoyed it so much that she ate with me.

In a mixing bowl add in 50g of butter into 250ml of flour, 5ml baking powder and a dash of salt. The flour should form breadcrumbs. Add in 40ml caster sugar or no sugar if you prefer. Set aside.

On the stovetop add in 500-700ml almond milk or any other dairy free alternative you prefer. Whisk continuously so that the almond milk don’t burn, on medium heat. Whisk until the almond milk starts to boil.

Slowly add in the flour mixture slowly while mixing. Let it simmer for 10 minutes and then add in 2Tbs of cocoa powder(optional).

Serve and enjoy with some cinnamon sugar.

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