Mini Chicken Cordon Blue Bites

I love chicken and cheese and with bacon it’s even more delicious.

Just take about 300g of skinned and deboned chicken breast and cut up into strips.

Take about 300g of streaky bacon and have at least 10 to 15 small pieces of cheese strips.

Start by wrapping the chicken around a piece of cheese and use some toothpicks to wrap one streaky bacon around the whole piece of chicken and cheese. Do this with all your pieces of cheese, chicken and bacon, until all the pieces is finished.

Place into a non stick pan, on 180 degrees celsius and drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle some salt and pepper over. Cook for at least 30 minutes.

Then grill for another 10 to 15 minutes until crispy.

The first time I made these all my cheese dripped out cause I did not wrap my bacon around my whole piece of chicken, I suggest that you do that so that the cheese won’t drip out.

Remove out of the oven after grilling, set aside to cool down and serve and enjoy! On it’s own or as a side.

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