As Mom’s we experience big transitions too – The Big Leaps our Children Experience – Become Our Big Leaps Too

You know that day that changed your life forever, that day when you held your newborn baby in your arms for the very first time. You know that how you felt, being anxious, nervous, excited, overflowing joy and all in one. How you went from being a women and only two people in your household to suddenly three. It’s a big change that happened and you are still busy processing it all. The fear of the unknown and not quite sure what to do yet. As first time moms, it can be quite scary and very overwhelming at times.

Having the second or third or even fourth child is much easier and different than when you had your firstborn. It does come with territory and fights and sleepless nights and everything else in between. As our children get bigger, get older and grow up, there is this feeling of wanting them close, in your bed, in your hair and shouting your name. Bothering you in all the chaos that motherhood brings.

I remember the first steps our firstborn would take and being so proud, bursting with joy and also sad cause that won’t happen again for her. From her first word to her first meal to the first hear on her head. It’s bittersweet isn’t it.

That first day of taking my oldest to kindergarten was the most scariest, biggest moment for me. I was in so much tears and sobbing all day, I’m sure you can also relate. It was the hardest thing to do, I know it’s the best for her, but it was just super hard after raising her since she was born, being the stay at home mom and still is. She was also scared and being new in the environment. She also didn’t know what to do and was very observant with everything going on around her.

Soon she got so used to all her wonderful kindergarten and teachers, and already made a friend in the first few months. She would had her days where she would cry and wouldn’t leave my leg alone, but the days got easier and reassuring her that everything will be okay. The support of the teacher’s and principal helped with her transition so much. They are hands on and I am so grateful for them, as they are part of our village.

A year and a bit and our oldest will be stepping into “big school” as we call it. She is counting down the month already. Time is simply flying by, and as we look back another year is almost passed. Through all the ups and downs the highs and lows that motherhood brings, I am overwhelmed, with tears in my eyes and the bittersweet moments.

Our youngest is almost 3 and she grow up extra fast with joining her big sister in the over 2’s classroom when she turned 2. Just 2 years ago she was born and now she is her own little person with her super feisty personality.

When our children transition and go through big things, we also experience them, as we realize that they are growing up and going through all the things we went through growing up, all the big transitions. It’s big stuff and it’s okay to feel anxious, scared and overwhelmed together with being excited happy for them, getting more witty and independent as the days pass.

The big leaps is big, transition is happening constantly and we can’t stop that, but the best part is reassuring them and supporting them and being there for them constantly and in everything as we know how hard things and life can get. It’s okay momma to feel how you are feeling and to go through what you are going through.

That’s why it’s so important to cherish those special moments while they are only little for so long and tell them all the wonderful stories of how they came and color in your life, changing you as a person and transitioning with you as you navigate it all together. It’s okay to feel how you feel, the big leaps becomes our big leaps too.

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