Chocolate Coconut Milk

When I came across smoothie on Tik Tok having made the coconut milk, I was inspired as there wasn’t a chocolate version. I made my own and it turned out so delicious. You can add normal sugar, honey or any other sweetener to your own preferences.

To make the coconut milk you will need:

1 Cup of Coconut.

Added in your blender or nutri bullet together with about 750ml – 1 L Boiled water.

Add 1 tsb of honey or any sweetner to your own preferences. No blits it up or blend it up and you have coconut milk.

To change it to chocolate coconut milk add in 1 – 2 Tbs cocoa powder. Blend or mix it up for a minute or two.

Pour through a milk bag, squeeze out any remaining juices.

Let it cool down to room temperature before placing it into your milk bottle in the fridge.

After 5 days discard it, as you can see when it goes off, the taste will turn sour and coconut milk will begin splitting.

The best part is that you can use the pulp that is left from the making your coconut milk and that can be used as your coconut flour. No wasting and win win for everyone!

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