Make It Count

With every obstacle
comes forces and fears
the uncertainty
of tomorrow

We are all on borrowed time
as we grow
we realise what the meaning of
time really entails

We build connections and
lifelong friends
we go through parenthood
and look into our children’s

We see the world through
new lenses
the lenses of innocence
and protecting our
offspring with everything in our power

Music make us feel
which we can’t
put into words

With each chapter
the story of our lives
gets written,
how we write it is up
to us

We learn to live in the
moments and appreciate
life and
capture it too

With a technology driven society
it’s hard to be real and authentic
by real connection

Our life and circumstances
are ours
but for how long?

Let’s not be so disconnected
but learn to connect
without phones
and spend time together

Don’t wait for tomorrow
don’t be a spectator in the
book of life,
be a team player

We all have history to make
no matter how big

Make it count

Written by me

Date Written: 9 November 2019

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