Our Mount Maunganui Holiday – Day 2

On day 2 of our holiday, it was a bit overcast and raining as well. Did I forget to mention that Mount Maunganui is only 2 hours away from us, which is very nice and it’s such a beautiful place to visit. It reminds me not only of Ballito in South-Africa but also of Plettenberg Bay in South-Africa.

With the overcast, we spend the day in the pools and also went for a walk and had some ice cream at Dixie Browns.

Some photos of the overcast:

Some photos of us swimming by the lovely pool on top of the roof that is heated:

Also the view of the mountain, by the pools.

A walk in Mount Maunganui and some ice cream and waffles. The overcast was lovely weather but it was so much fun, hot and sticky because of the humidness.

That’s a wrap for day 2!!!!

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