Our Mount Maunganui Holiday – Day 3

On day 3 it was raining and pouring down in buckets. The kids were a little frustrated and bored so we took them to the Chipmunks, an inside play area for kids to play and climb and explore. There is also an eating hub for the parents/caregivers to get something to eat or drink for them and the kids. They had so much fun and was very tired after there play at The Chipmunks.

We went to the park too, just a few km’s away. The girls had so much fun at the park:

On day 3 we also went for a small walk up the mountain before it started to rain:

We then had some lunch at The General in Mount Maunganui town. It was a lovely lunch.

We then went to the Chipmunks by the afternoon around 2pm that’s when the rain started. The girls had so much fun and the day was already so busy.

That is a wrap for Day 3!!!

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