How would I define Success?

Success is merely an end goal but also a destination. Success can be measured by the people you have in your life rather than things.

I would like to think of success as a measurement to a means than the final outcome. Success define us in some ways. It can be looked at from different perspectives.

We can have success in our careers, climbing the career steps and reaching all our goals. We can immigrate to a different country or a few countries and do it successfully by managing our finances and starting fresh and being happy. Finding happiness and being successful goes hand in hand.

When we immigrated almost 5 years ago to New Zealand out goal was to get settled in and have residency and to both have jobs. Giving up was not an option. Two beautiful daughters later and we are happy, settled in and have emotional stability and have a strong foundation for our family, that is also success in being content and happy where you are in the current stage in your life.

Being successful in your career, being qualified and learning new things and climbing the ladder is also being successful.

Being the best version of yourself is also being successful. Encouraging, motivating and showing empathy towards other is also being successful.

Success is a way of life, the way you handle and accomplish taks, goals and big marathons. It’s not what you do at the end but what you do in between when you are tired and worn out.

How you get up after having a bad day and how you rise to the challenges. As you can see there are lots of aspects of what success means and what it stands for to each of us.

Success have many branches and we can all be one of them, all of the branches or as a whole that will make up the leaves and big tree in the end.

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