Mom’s Jobs Never Ends

Over stimulation.

The house, the dishes, the kitchen, the washer is full, the dryer is full, clothes need folded, clothes need hung, the to do list, the never ending mental thoughts, I’ve heard mama 1088645 times today, I gotta watch them jump and do a weird move because they asked me to, if I don’t look they’ll feel neglected, the schedules, the chores, the sippy cups that need filled, the floors, the pantry that needs cleaned out, the refrigerator that needs organized, the uniforms, the deadlines, the due dates, the supper, the breakfast, the lunch, the kids, the clothes that need gone through, the dressers that are full, the toilet that needs scrubbed, the baby that needs held, am I showing enough affection, do my kids feel loved, am I a good wife, how can I do better, did I do enough today, where did I go wrong, my family doesn’t understand, the husband that needs attention, the car that needs washed, the kids homework, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, tournaments, games, practices, grades, gas in the car, sheets need washed, grocery lists, the kids hair needs done, the baby is crying, everyone needs picked up at a certain time, the dog food, dog water, dog needs to go outside, there’s dog hair everywhere, my phone is ringing, I don’t want to be a failure, I need to get winter clothes.
Every minute of everyday.
Mothers don’t get a break.. physically, mentally, or emotionally.
Respect her, love her, show her grace, be appreciative, lend a helping hand.

written by: Victoria Perkins

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