What are the Unspoken Rules of New Zealand Life?

  1. “Obey the Aunties. Even if they are not your Aunties.”
  2. “If someone raises their eyebrows at you, you raise your eyebrows back.”
  3. “You are required by law to declare ‘Just these thanks’ when buying things at a dairy.”
  4. “One must always thank the bus driver.”
  5. “Never, ever, pay full price for anything in Briscoes, or in Kathmandu.”
  6. “When you meet someone at a party, you must find the two degrees of separation between the two of you.” Or at least ask them if they know James from high school who works in the same company as them.
  7. This applies to anywhere in the world. “If you’re at a pub in the UK you’ll still somehow find your cousin’s ex-flatmate there.”
  8. “Nod down for strangers, and being polite, upwards to the bros.”
  9. “Children’s birthday party tables must and shall feature cheerios and fairy bread.” Hundreds and thousands biscuits are not an acceptable replacement for fairy bread but may be served as well.
  10. “You must moo at a cow at least once during a road trip.”
  11. “Say hello to people you walk past on a walking track or beach.” This practice stops the moment you step onto an urban road.
  12. “Always thank the driver who stops for you at a pedestrian crossing. Slight nod and raise the hand.”
  13. “On road trips you must honk going through a tunnel, and if you’re a passenger, you must hold your breath over long bridges.”
  14. “If you answer a question, regardless of whether the response is yes or no, you have to say a mixture of yeah, nah, yeah a few times.”
  15. “Always assume if entering someone’s home that it’s shoes off unless they say otherwise.”
  16. “If the server in a restaurant asks you how the food is, you must always politely say it is excellent, even if it is terrible. This is the Kiwi way.”
  17. “Always blow on the pie.”

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