Old Bee Photography

The older bee, is much more lighter in colour. The older bee is slower in speed as well compared to the younger, faster bee.

Young Bee Photography

The younger bees are the brighter one’s while the older bees are lighter and somewhat a gray colour in my observation of taking photos of them.

Two Bees Photography

It is very interesting to watch two bees on the same plant fighting for territory while giving pollen to the lavender plants. These are the photo I took using the Super Macro function on my phone.

Close up of the Bees Photography

I decided to zoom in on the bees and take some more close up photos of them. It’s amazing the technology of today. I had so much fun taking photos of them, the bees got annoyed with me but it so interesting to learn about them.

Lavender Bees Photography

I had so much fun taking photos of all the bees in our garden, flying between the lavender growing in our garden.

Bubbles Photography Take 2

I had some more fun, taking photos of bubbles. The bubbles stick to water or wet surfaces better than on dry surfaces. Here is my photos:

Bubbles Photography

I had so much fun playing around with these bubbles and blowing them into the trees and grass and everywhere, trying to capture them as quick as possible cause they pop so quick and the wind isn’t helping either, but I am sharing these photos with you of what I managed to capture. All captured…