Town Mouse

Right before we went into lockdown, me and my husband discovered this gem while taking a walk in town. It was our first date out since having kids and immigrating. The staff is very friendly and the food is simply delicious. We had great quality food and the service was exceptional. The atmosphere is great…

Mexicali Burger Wisconsin Fresh

Since me and my husband arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, we loved Mexicali Fresh. The one in Pukekohe is a must go! Me and my husband enjoyed the double taco very much! Yum, packed with flavour and very generous serving.

Robert Harris

Robert Harris is a lovely restaurant to hang out at. The place is big with open spaces and delicious hot chocolate. A great place for a quick pop in or catch up with friends.

Dixie Browns

After our snowday, me and my husband was craving ribs, not just any ribs. The mouth watering ribs that falls off the bone and are covered in sauce. As we drove to Taupo, I went on google maps and searched for a good rating place to eat. I read hundreds of reviews and found the…

Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort

We went on holiday in the middle of winter to explore the snow mountain in Taupo. It’s something we wanted to do since last year. The days leading up to our mountain exploring were pretty warm and then it became windy. We stayed at a lovely resort in Taupo. As soon as we went inside…

St Pierres Sushi of Japan

After our visit to Butterfly Creek we stopped over at the sushi place for some sushi for lunch. We love these sushi, all these sushi was $50. Seaweed salad was really nice and first time I have tasted it. The St Pierres Sushi of Japan is located just outside of the airport, next to Butterfly…

Johnny’s Steakhouse

Me and my friend visited this restaurant for our moms night out. Their brownie are the best and crème Brûlée is delicious but would prefer it warm. The service was great and the staff very friendly, we had such a fun time.


Pop in here before you leave Commercial Bay. The best coffee we have ever tasted! The staff are so friendly and welcoming.


We visited this restaurant today, it’s in Commercial Bay and the food is yummy. We had such a great time, the food is spicy but good spicy and not overpowering spicy. We ordered the set menu that was $25 each plus some drinks. If you are visiting Commercial Bay for a shopping spree, don’t forget…

Yakety Yak

Yakety Yak is a lovely restaurant with the best breakfast or brunch as you may call it in town. We ate there recently and enjoyed the it so much. The staff are lovely and the food is just exceptional.