3 Ingredient Cheesecake

This recipe is a MUST if your doing a barbecue with some friends and need a recipe to make cheesecake in a “flash”. This recipe have lots of different names, it can be called the 5 minute microwave cheesecake or the 3 ingredient cheesecake, whichever name you prefer the method and ingredients stays the same….

Coffee Mate Fridge Tart

Growing up my mom always used to make this tart for us. It is called “Cremora Tart” in South Africa and here I found the ingredients similar to cremora which here it is known as coffee whitener or coffee creamer. The replacement for milk in coffee. Combined with condensed milk and lemon juice, it’s delicious….

Caramel Mint Tart with Butterscotch Caramel Topping

For the crust: 1 cup of flour 1/4 castor sugar 60ml cup butter + 60ml melted butter 1 tsp baking powder pinch of salt Put the oven on 170 Degrees Celsius. Rub the flour and 60ml butter till it forms breadcrumbs. Add all the other ingredients( including the 60ml melted butter) and mix well. Spray…