Starting a Veggie Garden

Seeing and experiencing how plants grow in your own garden, is amazing. We used to grow herbs back in South-Africa, and I took the next steps and started to grow and maintain our veggie garden. Some veggies did not make it, others just bloomed from the beginning. How I started was taking a whole vegetable…

Gem Squash Plants getting Bigger

My gem squash seeds have not only sprouted, but all of them have grown into seperate plants on their own. We got big leaves on all of them and they are very happy. With all this rain we are receiving, they are growing really good.

Gem Squash Seeds started Sprouting

I am happy to report that my gem squash seeds have started to sprout in our veggie and herb garden. Unfortunately our potato plant died due to accidently being poisoned, but I planted some new potatoes so they will see what happens to the new potatoes being planted. I just took gem squash seeds from…

Onion Plant Growing

Update on our veggie garden. Our onion plant started to grow to my amazement. I planted either a halve an onion or a whole one. Here is the photos:

The Start of Our Veggie and Herb Garden

I started our veggie garden a month or so ago. I gave up when I saw that our seeds we planted didn’t grow at all. I decided to plant halve a potato and halve a onion plant which is not growing yet. To my amazement it started to grow. The plants are so happy and…