Derryn’s Blog

Me and Derryn met way back when we worked at the same Kindergarten in South-Africa. We were more acquaintances than friends but soon destiny would collide and we would end up getting in touch with one another. It first started as random conversations, hi and how you doing, small talk. I end up messaging her more and before you know it we end up talking for hours!

Derryn and her family are currently living in Australia, just over the waters from New-Zealand. They also went through the immigration process, alot different than in New-Zealand. They are beginning to settle well into Australia. Derryn loves writing about their life in Australia and what they experience.

If you want to find out more about life in Australia, go follow her blog and read everything they are up to. I love reading her blog, it is so inspiring, feel good reads and positive. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and tells it like it is.

Here is a few photos of Derryn and her family and some pictures of their adventures in Australia so far.

Follow the following link to read more about Derryn’s Blog.

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