More About Us

Born and raised in multicultural South-Africa. Being from South-Africa, our love for food have always been a part of us. My husband and I grew up in Rustenburg in the North-West province of South-Africa.

We were in the same high school and everyone knew everyone in town. He grew up with his mom cooking and baking. I grew up with my mom’s curries and grandmother’s baking.

My husband and I cook together and bake together,although he does more cooking, and I do more of the baking. We always have a love for food and sharing it with the people around us.

Food photography have been a part of my life for more than a decade or since I got a phone! I love taking photos of food and all of the above.

We immigrated to New Zealand a few years ago, and since then called it home, we are very happy here. Love the community oriented life New Zealand has to offer.

This blog was started, because we love food, we are constantly testing new things, new combinations and just have a love for food, we are foodies by heart. We love sharing our food, I love sharing all our food and baking.

We explore New Zealand as well, so you will see where we go and what we explore in the beautiful New Zealand.

I have a love for writing as well since high school, so on my blog will also be inspirational posts, feel good reads and everything in between.

Thank you for your support and we hope that you enjoy this blog as much as we love sharing our food and baking with you. We do share other recipes that is not ours as well on here.

Happy Cooking & Baking!

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