Gem Squash Plants getting Bigger

My gem squash seeds have not only sprouted, but all of them have grown into seperate plants on their own. We got big leaves on all of them and they are very happy. With all this rain we are receiving, they are growing really good.

Home made Caramel & Chocolate Custard Tart

Yummy caramel and chocolate custard tart. Original recipe from BBC Food. I adapted it and doubled it and added a few things to make it caramel custard and chocolate custard. Ingredients for home made Custard:1L Milk30ml Vanilla Essence240ml Caster Sugar8 Eggs, yolks only90ml Cornflour90ml Butter Ingredients for the Caramel Custard Layer:1 Can of Caramel Ingredients…

Double Dipped Crispy Golden Teriyaki & Ginger Chicken Nuggets

My first try with my own mixture of chicken nuggets dip, it was yummy and there weren’t any leftover. Double Dipped Crispy Golden Teriyaki & Ginger Chicken NuggetsIn a bowl add in:30ml Cornflour30ml Lemon Juice 1 Egg, mixed40ml Ginger Powder40ml Teriyaki SauceSalt and Pepper to tasteA little bit of oil and some soya sauceMix everything…

Exploring the Last two enclosures at Auckland Zoo

Our last two explorations at Auckland Zoo, was so much fun. The zoo was packed as usual. Full of kids laughter and kids running everywhere. We saw some alligators and otters as well as some monkeys and big birds and the biggest tortoises I have ever seen, our toddler was so fascinated by them. Here…

The 90’s Kid

The era I grew up in is long gone but the memories are there, where tamagotchi was a thing and wearing pink eyeshadow was a thing. Where movies was made of VHS tapes and you couldn’t stream movies or series but can get them in a video shop. The 90’s was a simple era, where…

The Immigration Journey

Every immigration journey starts different and also somewhat the same, in the sense that we all start with a suitcase, a new job in a new country and some cash in the bank and a dream to start fresh, all from scratch. The hard part is, leaving all the things you grew up with and…

Old Bee Photography

The older bee, is much more lighter in colour. The older bee is slower in speed as well compared to the younger, faster bee.

Young Bee Photography

The younger bees are the brighter one’s while the older bees are lighter and somewhat a gray colour in my observation of taking photos of them.

Two Bees Photography

It is very interesting to watch two bees on the same plant fighting for territory while giving pollen to the lavender plants. These are the photo I took using the Super Macro function on my phone.